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Our Travel Itinerary by Year


The Christmas Markets of Vienna


Which Country Makes the Best French Fries?

The "Art Nouveau" Neighborhood in Antwerp, Belgium, Should be More Famous Than it Is


Seven Surprising Things About London

Hogwarts in the Snow... is a Total Snow Job

London's Pubs Are Disappearing. Which is Too Bad Because They're Amazing.

London's Crystal Palace Lives! (In my Imagination, at Least)


The Water Meets the Sky at Iceland's Fabulous Sky Lagoon


Seven Surprising Things About Athens, Greece

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Graffiti. Kind of.


Seven Surprising Things About Italy’s Cinque Terre

Seven Surprising Things About Lake Como, Italy

Travel Tips for Italy's Cinque Terre (From a Guy Who Loves Bargains and Hates Crowds)

The Secrets of Picking the Best Gelato

Is a Week in an Italian Villa as Romantic as it Sounds?

Everywhere We Go, We Find Ourselves in the Middle of a Huge Party (Matera, Italy)

Overtourism is Bad. But Tourism Helped Save Italy's Cinque Terre.

Lake Como by Ferry, Foot, and Funicular!

My Flight Over Lake Como in a Friend's Floatplane was AWESOME


That Time We Stayed in a Medieval Castle — and I Found a Secret Passage Down to the Dungeon!


Seven Surprising Things About the Netherlands

Amsterdam at Night is a Very Magical Place

Sinterklaas Came to Town — and He Carried a Lot of Baggage Along with his Bag of Toys

Efteling Amusement Park in the Netherlands is Everything Disney Used to Be


The Place We’re At Now: Oslo, Norway

Norway is Perfect. Too Perfect.


The Place We're At Now: Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain, is the Coolest Festival You've (Probably) Never Heard of

I Loved Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences. Will Everyone Else Eventually Love It Too?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Seven Surprising Things About Sarajevo

The Tragedy of Sarajevo's Olympic Triumph

Sarajevo is a Great Place to Visit (But a Lot of Locals Don't Want to Live There)

Sarajevo's Weird, Wonderful Abandoned Olympic Bobsleigh Run

Tito's Bunker and the Joy of Travel Off the Beaten Path

Rafting the Coldest River In The World

Magical, Moving Mostar


That Time Our Apartment in Bulgaria Caught on Fire


Six Reasons You Should Go to Split, Croatia

What Wind Is So Powerful It Knocks Down Wind Turbines — and Also Makes Cheese?

Varoš: The Tiny Croatian Neighborhood That Taught Me A Big Lesson

If This Is Dalmatia, Where Are All the Dalmatians?

Women Artists in Croatia Are Reclaiming Their History — One Mural at a Time


Prague in Pictures

Prague’s Magical Olšany Cemetery

Paris in Spring? Non! Prague in Autumn Is The Place To Be


Horoom Nights: Pride, Freedom — and Sex — in Tbilisi, Georgia

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Green Moss


Good, Better, Budapest!

A Chance Encounter on the Danube Gave Me Hope for the Future

Swimming in the (Second) Largest Thermal Lake in the World

Pic Post: The Swans of Lake Balaton


Seven Surprising Things About Ohrid, North Macedonia

Ohrid, North Macedonia: Another Fantastic Place We'd Barely Even *Heard* of Before Living Here

For the Love of Red Peppers

The Guest House (in a Village in Rural Macedonia)

What Would the Jurassic Park Ride be Like Without Cheesy Robotic Dinosaurs?


We’re in Transylvania, and I Can't Stop Thinking About Vampires

Why Do We Feel Like We're Always Being Watched in Sibiu, Romania? Because We Are!


Seven Surprising Things About Belgrade (and Serbia)

Weird Travel Facts! Central Europe Edition

What's the Best Way for a Travel Writer to Cover a Place They Didn't Like?


The Place We're At Now: Istanbul, Turkey

The Place We're At Now: Fethiye, Turkey

Where Should You Stay in Istanbul, Turkey?

Is the Islamic Call to Prayer a Beautiful Ritual That Binds Communities Together? Or an Intrusive Relic of the Past?

The Shocking Thing I Found Inside a Turkish Hammam

The Touching Lesson Behind Istanbul's Love for Its Many — MANY — Cats

My Search for Istanbul's Perfect Coffee House (and the Surprising Result!)


Seven Surprising Things About Cambodia's Angkor Wat

The Travel Lunatic: A Floating Village, a Bad Embassy, and My Literally Being Eaten Alive!

Can We See Ten Angkor Wat Temples in a Single Day?


Seven Surprising Things About Malaysia

The Food of Penang, Malaysia: From "Hawker Centers" to the World's Least Expensive Michelin Star Restaurant


Seven Surprising Things About Bangkok

We Didn't Want to Come to Chiang Mai Because of All the Digital Nomads. We Were Idiots.

The Magic of Markets (Khlong Toei Market)

Songkran is Thai For "Soak the Westerner!"

My Quest for the Secret of Thai Cuisine, Part 1

My Quest for the Secret of Thai Cuisine, Part 2

Grading Thailand's Famous Mae Hong Son Loop

Thailand, We Have Notes

“We Asians Aren't Taught to Think for Ourselves”

The Travel Lunatic: Angelina Jolie's Favorite Jungle Hotel, An Overly Friendly Thai Boxer, and a Weird Waterfall You Can Walk Down!

We Recommend! A Chef’s Tour — various guided food tours of Thailand (and southeast Asia)


My Favorite Food is Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Seven Surprising Things About Sydney

I Went Canyoning in Australia’s Blue Mountains (So You Don’t Have To)

Six Amazing Things We Saw in Australia's Blue Mountains (and Two Disappointing Ones)

All About Australian Meat Pies! (By Someone Who Doesn't Really Like Meat)

"By the Time We Australians Get to the End of a Word, We're DONE."

The Place We’re At Now: Whale Beach, Australia

My Lifetime Love Affair with Sydney's Amazing Rock Pools


The First Polynesians Crossed the Pacific Without an All-You-Can Eat Buffet

Alaska (U.S. State)

That Time We Were in a Cabin in Alaska Surrounded by Grizzly Bears

The Travel Lunatic: Alaska is So Beautiful It Will Blow Your Mind

We Recommend! Major Marine Tours — boat tours of Kenai National Park out of Seward, Alaska


Is Vancouver, Canada, the Perfect City?

Colorado (U.S. State)

The Travel Lunatic: They Call It the Wild West for a Reason

The Skunk in the Canyon

Hawaii (U.S. State)

That Time Michael and I Went to Hawaii for a Week (Two Weeks After We Met)


Why I Never Get Sick of Mexican Food (at least When I'm Living in Mexico)

Texas (U.S. State)

Deep In The Heart Of Texas...Are Some Amazing Wildflowers

Washington (U.S. State)

Seven Surprising Things About Seattle

Seven Surprising Things about Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula

The Travel Lunatic: Tacoma Doesn't Stink!

The Place We’re At Now: Port Townsend, Washington

Health Care

How Does Health Care Work for a Long-Term Traveler?

I Went to Istanbul for Medical Tourism! (But It Didn’t Go Exactly as I Expected)

Who Has the Best International Health Insurance: SafetyWing or Genki — or Someone Else Entirely?

Which is the Best Travel Insurance: SafetyWing, World Nomads, or Genki?

How is Healthcare Different Outside of America?

I Went to Istanbul for Medical Tourism! (But It Didn’t Go Exactly as I Expected)

SafetyWing Strikes Back!

What Are We Doing for Health Care Insurance in 2023?

We Recommend! Safety Wing and Genki — travel and international health insurance


How Two Gay Guys Sold Everything, Left Home to Travel the World...and Lived Happily Ever After

My All-Time Favorite Travel Hacks

Brent and Michael’s Secret Travel Hacks: An Ongoing Series

Ask Us Anything: An Ongoing Series

Our Finances! How Are We Able to Afford a Life of Continuous Travel?

How Much Did We Spend in 2023?

In 2022, We Spent $56,000 (While Traveling the World)

Should Trump Win, How Easy Is It For Americans to Move to Another Country?

There’s More Than One Way to be a Nomad

There Are Still Massive Travel Bargains Out There

"I Have Limited Time to Travel. Should I Stay in One Place — Or Try to See as Much as Possible?"

The 72-Hour Rule

Can We Please Stop with All the Nomad Hate?

I *Really* Hate Wearing Sunblock (But Also Really Hate Skin Cancer)

Should You Move to Europe?

You Should Travel to Central and Eastern Europe (Part 1 of 2)

You Should Travel to Central and Eastern Europe (Part 2 of 2)

Brent and Michael’s Guide to Travel in the Off Season

Everything You Wanted to Know About Nomading (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Do Long-Term Travelers Really Need an "Onward Ticket" When Entering a New Country?

There Are Different Ways to Think About Money. But My Way Will Save You $6000+ a Year.

Why Are Breakfast Buffets in American Hotels So Unbelievably Bad?

We Recommend! Chase Sapphire Preferred or with United Gateway or Explorer (get 60,000+ free mines) — Travel Credit Cards

We Recommend! Airalo eSIMS/data and phone plans for travelers

We Recommend! Cotopaxi Backpacks and Western Rise Pants — travel gear

Cruise Ships

Brent and Michael's Guide to Living Long-Term on a Cruise Ship

Fifty-Seven Days on a Cruise Ship

Virgin Voyages Say They've Revolutionized Cruising. Have They?

Six Surprising Reasons We Like Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships Are a Fantastic Way to See Alaska, Part 1

Cruise Ships Are a Fantastic Way to See Alaska, Part 2

Is It Ethical to Take a Cruise?


My Favorite Food is Vietnamese Spring Rolls

My Quest for the Secret of Thai Cuisine, Part 1

My Quest for the Secret of Thai Cuisine, Part 2

Which Country Makes the Best French Fries?

Should You Get Another Order of That Incredible Mushroom Dish?

We Knew a Turkish Breakfast Was Big — But It's So Much Bigger Than We Thought

For the Love of Red Peppers

Why I Never Get Sick of Mexican Food (at least When I'm Living in Mexico)

The Secrets of Picking the Best Gelato


Just How "Out" Should Gay Travelers Be?

Horoom Nights: Pride, Freedom — and Sex — in Tbilisi, Georgia

Should You Travel to Homophobic Countries?

The Worst Part of Traveling While Gay

We’re a Gay Couple That Had to Get Married Five Times

This May Be the Gayest Work of Art Ever created


Travel Has Become Really, Really, Really Easy

Is It Ethical to Be a Travel Writer?

I’m Done With Disney

What If We Reviewed Everything Like We’re Now Supposed to Review Airbnb?

My Father Just Died. Here's the Eulogy I Gave at His Funeral

My Mom’s Best Friend was a Boistrous, Chaining-Smoking Alcoholic. And He Taught Me So Much

Norway is Perfect. Too Perfect.

Twenty Years Ago, Everyone Thought My Gay Teen Novel Would Flop. They Were Wrong.

I Actually Love Getting Older, Thank You Very Much

That Time I Learned We're All on Different Paths (Even When We're on the Same Path)

There's a Secret to Successful Travel. It's Also the Secret to a Successful Life.

What I Learned From Getting Stuck in Some Mud as a Kid

That Time Someone Ducked Into Our Airbnb to Use the Toilet

The Beauty of a Terrible Jack in the Box Taco on Christmas Day

Relationship Advice for Straight Couples from a Long-Term Gay Couple

How to Build a Life

Is It Still Worth It for Writers to Put Up with All the Bullshit?

The Incredible Beauty of Unlikely Friendships

America Needs to Stop Its Insane Tipping Practices

I Accidentally Conducted a Social Media Experiment on Myself. I Really Like the Results.

What Makes 80s Music and Movies So Appealing?

The "Chosen Family" Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

Should the 50-Something Year-Old Woman Tell the Young Man to Take His Shoes Off the Train Seat?

What's It Like to Stay in a Hotel for Two Months?

For 20 Years, I Regretted Leaving Hollywood. Lately, I Think I Made the Right Call.

Oh, Sh*t, I Think We Just Blinded Our Friends' Dog!

It’s a Lot Easier to Make Friends Outside of America

Madonna vs. Cyndi Lauper: What Their Careers Taught Me About Art

America is Very Fat — and the Rest of the World is Getting Fatter Too. Does It Matter?

That Time Our Plane Caught on Fire Over the Atlantic

My Mom Was Wrong About Travel (But She Was Right About Cleaning the Kitchen Sink)

My "Misfit Toy" Theory of Digital Nomads

2022 was the Year That Substack Saved my Life


Travel Has Made Me Less Fussy

I just Turned Sixty. No, I Don’t Have Sixty Pieces of Advice.

The Thing I Want You to Know About My Mother's Death

This is Not Another Terrible Toilet Travel Story

Sleeping With the Enemy: My Struggle with Insomnia

That Time I Met the Luckiest Woman Alive

It’s Really Hard to be Healthy in America

That Time a Woman Offered to Take Our Selfie — and She Turned Out to be a Chinese Annie Leibovitz

A Letter to My Young European Friends Who Smoke

Some Places Are Best Appreciated From a Distance

Travel Writer Blamed For Major Athens Olive Shortage

Is Rotisserie Chicken the Perfect Food?

That Time I Got Drunk At a Serbian Winery

A Chance Encounter on the Danube Gave Me Hope for the Future

Am I Addicted to Travel?

The Croatian Fish Market: The Fish Speak!

How Our Romantic Night on the Train to Budapest Almost Went Off the Rails

In Malaysia, I Had Cosmetic Work Done on My Face (Part 1)

In Malaysia, I Had Cosmetic Work Done on My Face (Part 2)

Welcome to Seattle, Young Man

Travel Writer Blamed For Major Athens Olive Shortage

My Parents Only Wanted What was Best for Me. Too Bad They Had No Idea What It Was.

Michael Jensen and the Temple of Darkness

It’s My Birthday, and I Can't Believe How Much I've Changed in the Last Four Years

Tips From An Amateur Photographer

April Fool’s Day

"Airbnb Experiences" to Include New Feature: "Airbnb SEXperiences!"

ChatGPT Will Never Take Over Travel Journalism — or Anything Else Either

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