Sitemap - 1980 - Brent and Michael Are Going Places

A (Real) Gift for You This Christmas

Hogwarts in the Snow... is a Total Snow Job (Audio Edition)

Sinterklaas Came to Town — and He Carried a Lot of Baggage Along with his Bag of Toys (Audio Edition)

I *Really* Hate Wearing Sunblock (But I Also Really Hate Skin Cancer) (Audio Edition)

My Favorite Food is Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Audio Edition)

I Just Turned Sixty. No, I Don't Have 60 Pieces of Advice. (Audio Edition)

The Weird and Wonderful MURIEL'S WEDDING is a Perfect Movie (Audio Edition)

That Time a Woman Offered to Take Our Selfie — and Turned Out to be a Chinese Annie Leibovitz (Audio Edition)

I Accidentally Conducted a Social Media Experiment on Myself. I Really Like the Results. (Audition Edition)

Everywhere We Go, We Find Ourselves in the Middle of a Huge Party (Audio Edition)

My Mom's Best Friend was a Boisterous, Chain-Smoking Alcoholic. And He Taught Me So Much. (Audio Edition)

That Time We Stayed in a Medieval Castle — and I Found a Secret Passage to the Dungeon (Audio Edition)

The Guest House (Audio Edition)

For the Love of Red Peppers (Audio Edition)

A Letter to My Young European Friends Who Smoke (Audio Edition)

What's the Best Way for a Travel Writer to Cover a Place They Didn't Like? (Audio Edition)

That Time Someone Ducked Into Our Airbnb to Use the Toilet (Audio Edition)

What I Learned From Getting Trapped in Some Mud as a Kid

On Mitt Romney, Dolly Parton, and Moral Reckonings (Audio Edition)

The Travel Lunatic: Alaska Is So Beautiful It Will Blow Your Mind (Audio Edition)

A Chance Encounter on the Danube Gave Me Hope for the Future (Audio Edition)

Is Rotisserie Chicken the Perfect Food? (Audio Edition)

It's Really Hard to be Healthy in America (Audio Edition)

Scenes From a Weird and Contradictory America (Audio Edition)

Horoom Nights: Pride, Freedom — and Sex — in Tbilisi, Georgia (Audio Edition)

So You Want to Live in a Cabin in the Mountains...

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Green Moss (Audio Edition)

Weird Travel Facts: Central Europe Edition (Audio Edition)

That Time I Slept with the Fairy Penguins on a Beach in Australia (Audio Edition)

The Skunk in the Canyon (Audio Edition)

Rafting the Coldest River In The World (Audio Edition)

What's It Like to Stay in a Hotel for Two Months? (Audio Edition)

How to Build a Life (Audio Edition)

Is the Airbnb Backlash Fair? (Audio Version)

The Travel Lunatic: Tacoma Doesn't Stink

Sarajevo is a Great Place to Visit (But a Lot of Locals Don't Want to Live There) (Audio Edition)

DEBATE: What Do We Think of Islam? (Audio Edition)

Oh, Sh*t! I Think We Just Blinded the Dog!

The Travel Lunatic: Versailles in Thailand, a Jungle Hotel, and a Weird Waterfall You Can Walk Down! (Audio Edition)

Seven Surprising Things About America

My Father Just Died. Here's the Eulogy I Gave at His Funeral

Grading Thailand's Famous Mae Hong Son Loop (Audio Edition)

Twenty Years Ago, Everyone Thought My Gay Teen Novel Would Flop. They Were Very Wrong. (Audio Edition)

The Travel Lunatic: Did We Finally Go "Beyond Rangoon"? (Audio Edition)

We Didn't Want to Come to Chiang Mai Because of All the Digital Nomads. We Were Idiots. (Audio Edition)

I Actually Love Getting Older, Thank You Very Much (Audio Edition)

The Travel Lunatic: Cambodia Edition! (Audio Edition)

Can We See Ten Angkor Wat Temples in a Single Day? (Audio Edition)

On Being Blown Away by Travel Destinations I'd Never Even Heard of Before My Visit (Audio Edition)

Everywhere We've Stayed in the Last Seven Months — and What It Cost! (Audio Edition)

Seven Surprising Things About Cambodia's Angkor Wat (Audio Edition)

Does One Night in Bangkok Really Make a Hard Man Humble? (Audio Edition)

DEBATE: Do You Really Learn More From Failure Than Success? (Audio Edition)

"We Asians Aren't Taught to Think for Ourselves" (Audio Edition)

The Weird Little Story of My Big Toe (Audio Edition)

The Thing I Want You to Know About My Mother's Death (Audio Edition)

My Quest for the Secret of Thai Cuisine, Part 2 (Audio Edition)

My Quest for the Secret of Thai Cuisine, Part 1 (Audio Edition)

For 20 Years, I've Regretted Leaving Hollywood. Lately, I Think I Made the Right Call.

In Malaysia, I Had Cosmetic Work Done on My Face (Part 2) (Audio Edition)

In Malaysia, I Had Cosmetic Work Done on My Face (Part 1) (Audio Edition)

What Makes a Good Celebrity Autobiography? (Audio Edition)

The Food of Penang, Malaysia: From "Hawker Centers" to the World's Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant (Audio Edition)

Seven Surprising Things About Malaysia (Audio Edition)

This is Not Another Terrible Toilet Travel Story (Audio Edition)

Should You Get Another Order of That Incredible Mushroom Dish? (Audio Edition)

The Incredible Beauty of Unlikely Friendships (Audio Edition)

America Needs to Stop Its Insane Tipping Practices

Is There Really Such a Thing as a "Perfect" Airbnb? (Audio Edition)

That Time We Were in a Cabin in Alaska Surrounded by Grizzly Bears (Audio Edition)

My Parents Only Wanted What was Best for Me. Too Bad They Didn't Know What It Was. (Audio Edition)

Sleeping With the Enemy: My Struggle with Insomnia (Audio Edition)

What Does it Mean that People Suddenly Love Movie and TV Villains? (Audio Edition)