Sitemap - 2021 - Brent and Michael Are Going Places

The Christmas Markets of Vienna

Christmas in Croatia!

Our Year In Pictures

There's No Place Like (Being Away From) Home for the Holidays

Is the Golden Age of Digital Nomading Coming to an End?

2021: The Point Behind a Year That Sucked

Brent and Michael's Secret Travel Hacks, Part 3!

My "Misfit Toy" Theory of Digital Nomads

Stick It To Me, Croatia!

Prague in Pictures!

Prague's Magical Olšany Cemetery

In Praise of Amusement Parks!

The Perfect-for-Travelers Gift Guide! Part Two

The Perfect-for-Travelers Gift Guide! Part One

What the Hell is Going on with the Price of Airbnbs? (And What You Can Do About It)

Good, Better, Budapest!

Paris in Spring? Non! Prague in Autumn Is The Place To Be

Swimming in the (Second) Largest Thermal Lake in the World

The World is Closely Watching America's Debate Over "Pregnant People"

Is it Okay to Travel to Homophobic Countries?

Baby, It's (Getting) Cold Outside

"Never Give Up Your Dreams" is Terrible Advice

Is "De-Centered" Travel a Good Thing — Or Just More Performative Navel-Gazing?

It's My Birthday, and I Can't Believe How Much I've Changed in the Last Four Years

Brent and Michael's Secret Travel Hacks, Part 2!

Pic Post: The Swans of Lake Balaton

Hungary? More like Hunkary!

DEBATE: How Do We See America Now That We've Left?

How Does Health Care Work for a Long-Term Traveler?

My Mom Was Wrong About Travel (But She Was Right About Cleaning the Kitchen Sink)

Hello From Hungary!

Pic Post: The Best of Lake Balaton

Michael's Five Favorite Travel Movies

Brent's Five Favorite Travel Movies

Brent and Michael's Guide to Living Long-Term on a Cruise Ship

That Time Our Plane Caught on Fire Over the Atlantic

DEBATE: Should You Take a Lot of Pictures While Traveling? A Debate Between Brent and Michael

Brent and Michael's Secret Travel Hacks!

How Our Romantic Night on the Train to Budapest Almost Went Off the Rails

There's a Secret to Successful Travel. It's Also the Secret to a Successful Life.

Brent's Five Favorite Travel Destinations!

Michael's Five Favorite Travel Destinations!

Covid is on the Rise Again. Should We Be Traveling Right Now?

Why Do We Feel Like We're Always Being Watched in Sibiu, Romania? Because We Are!

Our Finances! How Are We Able to Afford a Life of Continuous Travel?

Romania is Exactly What We Needed After the Intensity of Istanbul

We're in Transylvania, and I Can't Stop Thinking About Vampires

Turkey, You Broke My Heart

The Touching Lesson Behind Istanbul's Love for Its Many — MANY — Cats

Four Queer Muslims in Istanbul Didn't Have Much to Celebrate for Pride Month

The Surprising Thing I Discovered Inside an Istanbul Hammam

My Search for Istanbul's Perfect Coffee House (and the Surprising Result)!

If You Wouldn't Say it to Someone's Face, Maybe You Shouldn't Say it All

Istanbul Pride: I Can Now Check Getting Tear-Gassed Off My Bucket List

Istanbul's History is Long, Amazing...and Perhaps a Little Bit Smothering.

It's a Lot Easier to Make Friends Outside of America

Did We Fall for a "Too Good to be True" Apartment Scam?

We're a Gay Couple That Had to Get Married Five Times

San Francisco? Sydney? Paris? No, the Most Beautiful City in the World Might be Istanbul

When Travel Means Great Sacrifice: A Tale of Loss, Redemption, and Pointy Elf Ears

Greetings from Incredible Istanbul!

The Truth About Foreign Toilets: The Only Thing You Have to Fear is Fear Itself

Hello, Seattle! Goodbye, Seattle!

It’s Hard to Dance in the Rain When You Have “Covid Arm”

Why I Never Get Sick of Mexican Food (at least When I'm Living in Mexico)

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How Two Gay Guys Sold Everything, Left Home to Travel the World...and Lived Happily Ever After