I’m really sad the experience didn’t even Exceed Expectations for you. It seems the makers took to heart Fred and George’s view that they “Exceeded Expectations just by turning up”.

Being a SoCal native, I’ve seen a few movie sets, “making of” videos, and even a live filming of a Star Trek Voyager episode, to know that, apart from seeing the actual performers at work, they never measure up to the finished project. Especially so for sci-fi and fantasy projects.

I’m very glad to know not to spend the travel time and money to see it, should I ever scrape up enough cash to enjoy the UK again. Very envious - the UK and London are my favourites of any place I’ve visited, back when I was going places instead of reading about them, lol!

So many thanks for the pics and review, Brent and Michael! I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog, it’s a lovely change from my usual diet of politics, art and fashion, all of which seem to become edgier and more polarised by the day.

An early Merry Christmas to you both!

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And the best thing has got to be the statue of Ron on the chess knight’s horse. What a shame they are faceless, with all the other detail. Must be some clause in their contract, no images of the actors. Ugh.

You guys look great, too! Obviously the “vagabond” life agrees with you!

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Dec 22, 2022Liked by Brent Hartinger

Tom and I are both disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised at your not-so-wonderful experience. The only time we have NOT been disappointed by a movie set was on Mt Sunday, NZ, the place they built and dismantled Edoras for The Two Towers. I found a screw they didn’t pick up. A special souvenir. So glad there weren’t any faceless manikins and plaster horses to ruin the experience.

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But bad Xmas attractions are a British tradition, Brent! You're likely looking at the best, done by WB to exceed local standards, and nothing more...😂https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/dec/13/even-the-reindeer-were-unhappy-life-inside-britains-worst-winter-wonderlands

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Brent, go find Ryan George and his Pitch Meetings for the Harry Potter movies. Don't be put off by the weird eyes in the thumbnail. They have nothing to do with the video. Rick doesn't agree with me, but I think Ryan is hilarious. YMMV. I anxiously await his pitch meetings, which usually come out on Thursdays. He's got another channel as well... Yea, I'm a fan girl.

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