This feels like the smartest thing we’ve ever done.

We're a longtime gay couple who decided in 2017 to sell our house in Seattle and travel the world as “digital nomads.” That means we move to a new country every few months, supporting ourselves by working remotely.

We’ve liked it so much that we decided to put together this website as a resource for others interested in doing something similar, for anyone into travel, or for people who simply want to follow our travels vicariously.

Our digital nomad experience has also been featured in other media, including CBS Sunday Morning, and in Forbes and the New York Times. We have a regular column about our travels at LGBTQ Nation, the web’s top LGBTQ news site.

Who are we exactly?


BRENT HARTINGER is an author and screenwriter. He's published fourteen novels, including the classic gay young adult novel Geography Club (2003), which was adapted as a feature film in 2013 (co-starring Scott Bakula). Brent is also a screenwriter; nine of his screenplays have been optioned for film, and four are currently in various stages of development, including Project Pay Day, a teen caper film in post-production to be released next yet.

MICHAEL JENSEN is an author and editor. His novels include Man & Beast and Man & Monster, part of The Savage Land, a series of historical fiction that combines gay romance, supernatural, and horror. For eight years, Michael was the editor of the entertainment website, which he co-founded with Brent. The site, devoted to covering gay and bisexual men in popular culture, eventually grew to more than a million unique visitors a month, won several GLAAD Media Awards, and was later sold to Viacom/MTV. 

Through 2019, the two of us have lived for months at a time in Miami, Florida; the island country of Malta; Matera, Italy; Bansko, Bulgaria; Koh Lanta, Thailand; Hoi An, Vietnam; the Swiss Alps; and Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Along the way, we’ve made shorter stops in Lisbon, Barcelona, Geneva, Bologna, Rome, Florence, and dozens of other cities.

So far, this feels like the smartest thing we've ever done. We're spending way less money than we did maintaining a place in Seattle, and we're seeing more fascinating places and meeting more wonderful people than we ever imagined.

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Goodbye for now until our next hello!

Brent & Michael





We’re loving this vibrant, up-and-coming city in Eastern Europe, between Russia and Armenia. This is our eighth major “digital nomad” stop, after previously living for several months each in Miami, Florida; Birgu, Malta; Matera, Italy; Bansko, Bulgaria; Koh Lanta, Thailand; Hoi An, Vietnam; and Gimentz, Switzerland. And we’ve stopped in lots of other countries and cities along the way!

Grimentz Map One.png

Website photos: @ajstetson