Which Ridesharing App Do You Need in Valletta or on Malta?

Which Ridesharing App is Best For the Island Country of Malta?


It’s Bolt (formerly known as Taxify). Uber and Lyft are not available here.

Get Bolt on Android or Apple.

From the airport, there are also traditional cabs. They charge a flat fee to various locations on the island — 15 euros into Valletta. By your ticket at the taxi stands inside the airport to avoid being overcharged by the driver.

From the airport, there are also cheap shuttle services to various hotels. This can often be booked in advance.

The islands also have regular bus service (4 euros), but we strongly recommend against this. Maltese buses are notoriously crowded and very unreliable. If the bus is too crowded (and it often is), you won’t be allowed on at all. On busy days, you can have to wait two or three buses to finally get a ride. Sometimes scheduled buses simply don’t show up.

We found Bolt to be generally reliable, and reasonably affordable (if not necessarily a bargain).

We recommend the “cash” option, in case you’re unable to locate your car or driver. Be sure to pay the price noted in the app itself.

Tipping is normal in Malta, generally five to ten percent for good service.

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