Which Ridesharing App is Best For Tbilisi, Georgia?


Which Ridesharing App is Best For Tbilisi, Batumi, or Kutaisi, Georgia?

In our opinion, it’s Yandex. (Uber and Lyft are not available here.)

Download Yandex before you arrive. Get it on Android or Apple.

Taxis are readily available in Tbilisi, but there may not be a meter, and drivers typically charge foreigners exorbitant fares.

Yandex solves that problem. You know your fare as soon as you enter your destination, which takes some of the stress out of traveling in a foreign city.

By Western standards, fares in Tbilisi are typically a bargain. You can generally go anywhere in the city for less than three USD or euro (or nine lari, also known as GEL). Service is mostly good, though we’ve had a couple of drivers who asked us for directions to our destination.

The rival rideshare service is Bolt, which has a minimum fare of four lari as opposed to Yandex’s two lari.

Tipping is not expected, and may even confuse your driver.

One other note: We highly recommend that you take a Yandex taxi from the airport, since Tbilisi cabdrivers may hold your luggage hostage in their trunk until you pay an even-higher-than-agreed-upon fare.

If you are unable to download a ridesharing app, make a deal with your cabdriver in advance: Then write the amount on your phone in a place you can refer to it later, and show it to the driver. It shouldn’t cost more than 20 lari to go anywhere in the city.

The exchange rate is roughly three lari to the US dollar and 3.25 to the euro.

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