Review: PrivateVPN is a Good VPN Choice for Digital Nomads Who Want to Stop Geo-Blocking of Netflix, Hulu, and HBO


You’ve had a long day working on your new start-up at your favorite Chiang Mai cafe, and you’ve come home to your apartment looking forward to unwinding and watching a little TV. You’ve heard a pretty interesting show just dropped on Netflix, so you punch up the app.

Annnnnd you’re geo-blocked.

Which, frankly, isn’t fair. You have Netflix, Hulu, and HBO subscriptions, but you don’t have a permanent home. You can’t “subscribe” in only one country. To make matters worse, sometimes your subscription works, and sometimes it doesn’t — it works in some countries but not others.

Enter VPNs.


A VPN, or virtual private network, is a system that creates a private network from a less secure one. Basically, it creates an encrypted “tunnel” from your computer to a server in a different location, which also receives incoming data and sends it back to you.

VPNs are a good idea for digital nomads in general, since we often connect to more open WiFi systems in cafes and coworking spaces (which are also more easily compromised). VPNs provide much-needed security and protection.

But VPNs have the additional advantage of disguising your originating and receiving network addresses. Which means Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and other streaming services don’t even know you’re out of the country.

In other words, they can’t geo-block you.

Naturally, the streaming services aren’t happy about this aspect of VPNs; they want to control their content distribution. As a result, they’re in a constant battle with VPNs, trying to limit their use with streaming subscription services. They’ve managed to “detect” a lot of VPNs, making them worthless for out-of-country streaming purposes.

But as I said before, the system is inherently unfair to digital nomads and those who travel continuously.

Enter PrivateVPN.

When it comes to Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, this VPN has always worked perfectly for us. In fact, they have dedicated servers in different locations specifically designed for “fooling” the different streaming services. The servers are labeled by both country and streaming service.

It’s cheap — less that $4/month for a year subscription. It’s an easy set-up. And they have 24-hour support if anything goes wrong.

We heartily recommend this product.