Brent and Michael Are Writing A Travel Memoir!

The morning we left Seattle!

The morning we left Seattle!

Michael and I are both writers, so when we started our “digital nomad” journey almost two years ago, we thought, yeah, sure, we’d probably write about it eventually.

But a travel memoir? Nah, that was way down the road. We didn’t have enough to write about yet.

Besides, we only knew how the story started: Trump gets elected president, and two frustrated writers say, “See ya, Failed American Experiment!”

We didn’t know how our story ended. What was the point of all this? What did we learn? How did we change?

Because, boy, have we changed. Deciding to sell our house and travel indefinitely has been the single most life-altering experience in both of lives.

Even though we’re real-life people doing real-life things, we still think good memoirs tell stories. And all good stories have interesting characters with strong motivations, and unexpected obstacles to overcome, and then a resolution of some kind.

We finally know all these things about our own story.

What are the story beats? Well, you have to wait to read our memoir to know for sure.


But I’ll tell you one thing that is blindingly obvious to us now, but we only realized very recently: This ain’t just the story of our travels. It’s the story of our relationship. And also the story of our whole individual lives.

In other words, this travel-the-world-indefinitely journey of ours is as much as about the events that led us to do it as it is about the journey we’re on now.

In Michael’s case, that means understanding why he first left America back in his twenties — namely, a toxic family that drove him all the way to Australia and New Zealand for three years. But the “villain” of his family turned out to be different than who he thought it was. Now Michael has realized he’s not necessarily the person he thought he was either.

For me, it’s about my childhood, and an anxious mother who pushed a lie that the world is a very dangerous and scary place (the opposite turns out to be true. Who knew?). It’s also about my experience as a writer of only middling success, and how I somehow allowed my fear of failure to define my worth as a human being, and — oh, God, was I ever really this stupid? My happiness in life.

But lest you get the idea that this is some somber, introspective memoir, our story is mostly about unexpected adventures and life-changing coincidences, with a little bit of danger and confusion thrown in. And most of all, it’s about all the lovely, fun, incredible, wonderful, amazing people we’ve met along the way.

We’ll keep you posted!