Street Sushi? Soup in Plastic Bags? A Visit to Koh Lanta's Night Market!

It’s time for a night on the town!

Problem is, here in Koh Lanta, Thailand, there is no town. Not much of one, anyway.

So we decide to visit to one of the colorful local “night markets” that pop up in different places around the island. There’s only one street on the island, so it’s jammed-packed all around the market. But the market is a great way to get a flavor for what life is really like here, especially for the local Thai people, so we push on through.

There’s plenty of clothing, knickknicks, and produce, but the heart of any Thai market is, of course, the cooked food. You can get all manner of grilled meat, fresh soup (carried away in small plastic bags, like tropical fish), and the local version of Red Bull, which is purportedly strong enough to revive the dead.

Then there’s something that astounds Brent: “street” sushi. That’s right, raw fish, sold is vast trays, with nary a refrigerator or a hand-washing sink in sight. But hey, at least it’s prepared fresh!

Brent and I sampled steamed pastry filled with meat, had a bag of a spicy soup, some candied nuts, and even tried the fried insects that are a common meal for many non-western cultures (they tasted dirty; also lots of legs, which stick between your teeth).

We also wanted to buy some clothing, but most everything for sale was way too small for our Western frames. Alas, a Thai “large” is an American “very small.”