Three Months in Koh Lanta, Thailand, Was One Month Too Long


Brent and I have written before how we’re “slomads” — digital nomads who like to take our sweet time as we travel the world, usually staying in different countries for two or even three months at a time.

For the first time, we’ve stayed somewhere a little too long.


For our first trip to Asia, we settled on Koh Lanta, Thailand, located in the southern part of the country in the Andaman Sea. We’d heard the beaches were beautiful, the food was delicious, costs were reasonable, and that Ko Hub, the co-working space, was one of the best.

Plus, our good friends Mike, Miek, and Marianne were all going to be there at the same time.

After eleven weeks here, we’re definitely ready for our next destination: Hoi An, Vietnam.

We don’t regret coming here. The food is as delicious and inexpensive as advertised. The Thai people are incredibly warm and friendly. The sun shone almost every day (except for the occasional amazing electrical storms!), the beaches were beautiful, and Ko Hub was as great as we heard.


Brent and I are used to being very physically active. We love hiking, biking, and just going for long walks. But here on Koh Lanta, except for lovely walks along the beach, there isn’t really much to do. There are one or two places to hike to—a waterfall currently lacking any water, and an unimpressive cave. The National Park is kind of a dud.


A few hardy souls do brave Koh Lanta’s main drag on their bikes, but we left it for the trucks, cars, and scooters that are always roaring by.

Snorkeling? Sure, if you want to put up with an hour-plus boat ride each way. (We did love the stunning Emerald Cave, which is a beach and tiny jungle inside the middle of a small hollow island! You swim in through a fifty-meter sea cave. So cool!)

And while the beaches are beautiful, the sea is, well, kind of boring for my tastes. Brent loved his sunset swims, floating in the sea as the sun sinks into the horizon, but I found the ocean too warm for exercise, and too calm for body-surfing, which I love.

There are only so many times a person can have drinks or dinner at a restaurant on the beach, no matter how beautiful the sunsets.

So after a while, the days sort of ran together.

I was also no fan of the heat. And the humidity. For me, tropical climates might be nice places to visit, but I’m not sure I can live here.

Still, we made some new friends, definitely enjoyed spending time with some old ones, and both got a ton of writing done. No regrets!

But, well, we’re also very, very ready to move on.