Hey, We're Starring in a New "Digital Nomad" TV Pilot!


Michael and I laugh a lot at how easy it's been to get media attention for Brent and Michael Are Going Places, especially compared to past promotion for our novels. We barely did any self-promotion at all on our life as digital nomads, and we ended up being featured in Forbes and on CBS News.

People are really, really interested in the "digital nomad" phenomenon right now! Which makes sense, since it's a trend that's absolutely exploding world-wide.

(Meanwhile ... books? Eh, who cares! Sad, but true.)

Anyway, given all this, we weren't entirely surprised when a new friend of ours, Kristin Michelle Wilson, told us she was putting together the pilot for a proposed new reality TV show about digital nomads. And did we want to be featured?

Well, sure, why not!?

Michael and I spent last weekend with Kristin, filming footage for the pilot. Think House Hunters, except with a "digital nomad" twist. Since we're currently living in Bansko, Bulgaria, it was the perfect chance for the show to answer the question: What do we think of this town so far? And are we going to stay longer? 

It's also a really good look at the day-to-day life of digital nomads, which is the question everyone is really interested in.

Then there's the knock-down, drag-out brawl when I discover that Michael has been cheating on me with a cute Bulgarian waiter, and I end up dunking his head into the toilet bowl.


It's actually not that kind of reality TV show.

Will the still-untitled show go anywhere? Well, Kristin is in talks with one particular channel that shall go unnamed. But even if it just ends up on YouTube, it was very fun to do.

And still more proof that the future belongs to digital nomading.