Our Trip to Bulgaria's Rila Monastery (Will Michael Survive?!)

Michael and I (and our friend Gillian) paid a visit to the Rila Monastery, a 1200-year-old complex deep in the mountains of Bulgaria.


Afterward, we hiked up into the mountains in search of the ancient cave that was home to St. Ivan, the hermit to founded the monastery back in 950. There's a narrow hole in the top of the cave, and rumor has it that only the most pure of heart can pass through.


Were the souls of Michael and I pure enough to pass this ultimate character test? Or would we become lodged in the rocks somewhere along the way, unable to move forward, but also unable to crawl backward, stuck in a well-deserved netherworld of our own hellish design?


On the plus side, I'm told that the local villagers have been lowering down food and water, so that Michael won't actually starve while being stuck forever in that passage!

Kidding! Neither Michael nor I were crazy enough to try to climb up that narrow passage. DO YOU THINK WE'RE NUTS!?!? This is a new shirt I'm wearing.