Destination: Miami, Florida

In 2017, Michael and I decided to sell everything and become "digital nomads": a gay couple writing novels and traveling the world (as we say in our tagline).

We left Seattle on January 2nd, and (after side-trips to Las Vegas and New Orleans) arrived at our first long-term destination, Miami, on January 15th. We'll be here until mid-April, when we take a transatlantic cruise to Barcelona, then fly to Malta, where we'll be for two months.

Why Miami?

Our first destination was originally going to be London. But then we realized: London in the winter was at least as dreary as Seattle in winter. A friend said, "Winter in Miami is paradise. Always warm, but never hot, and no bugs or hurricanes."

We'd never spent much time in Florida, so we decided, "Why not?

So far, our friend's assessment of the weather seems to be true! It's a bit frightening how quickly we've gotten used to being warm all the time: how we always wear shorts, and don't need a sweatshirt, even at night. 

Already we're thinking we're never spending another winter in Seattle.

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Photo credit: @ajstetson