Forty Days … on a Cruise Ship?


This Friday, Brent and I say a fond farewell to Bansko, Bulgaria, and head off on the next leg of our adventure as digital nomads. First, it's four days in Barcelona, then we spend forty days ... on a cruise ship.

Yeah, you read that right.

We were planning on going back to Seattle for Christmas anyway, and taking a cruise ship home actually saves us money.

We know that sounds crazy, but when you add up the cost of forty days of food and lodging, then throw in the cost of transoceanic airfare, yup, the cruise ship is cheaper — by a lot.

Then there’s the fact that we’re getting to (briefly) visit eighteen really cool places.

Keep in mind, we spend a lot of time looking for good deals on cruises, and we always get a small, interior cabin. But so what when you’ve got the entire freakin' cruise ship to hang out in?

In this case, we’re actually doing three cruises back-to-back. The first is a fifteen-day Mediterranean cruise; the second, on the same boat, is a ten-day trans-Atlantic cruise to Florida, both on the Crown Princess. Then a day after we land in Fort Lauderdale, we hop on Holland America for another fifteen-day cruise through the Panama Canal and back to the West Coast. Then it's three weeks in Seattle to see friends and family for the holidays. (Then we’re off to Thailand!)


Since you can't quite make out our ports of call on the map, they are, after departing from Barcelona: Toulon (France); Livorno (Italy); Katakolon (Greece); Mykonos (Greece); Santorini (Greece); Kotor (Montenegro); Naples; Rome; Genoa; Barcelona; Azores; Fort Lauderdale; the Bahamas; Cartagena (Colombia); Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica); the Panama Canal; Corinto (Nicaragua); Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala); Huatalco (Mexico); Puerto Vallarata (Mexico); and finishing in San Diego.

Of all our destinations, Kotor, Montenegro, is the one I’m most excited about. Partly it’s because pictures make it look really interesting, but I also love the location: way, way deep in the Bay of Kotor, which is considered the southern most fjord in Europe. I have a thing for isolated places. Plus, the history of Kotor is very fascinating. For two centuries, Venice, which is just across the Adriatic, ruled Kotor, giving the city a very Venetian look and feel.

Stay tuned for updates from the trip!